[Treats.] Pumpkin and Greek Yogurt, Yum!


Throughout the nearly 2 and a half years of Nymeria’s life, my boyfriend, Andrew, and I have discovered that our wonderful doggo has an incredibly sensitive stomach. She cannot handle rawhide, certain treats, and definitely cannot handle changes in her food. When she was a puppy, we got lucky and she took to the Purina Puppy Chow on the first go. It was also a relief that when she became an adult, Purina made a Dog Chow that was also beef flavored, and she switched over with no issues. Still, with all the precautions we take, occasionally she still does get an upset stomach, and when that happens, we’re up every hour or so to let her outside to do her business. After a few times of that and letting it ride out, we wanted to see if there was something we could give her that would help alleviate her issues. Lo and behold, Andrew’s mother had the perfect solution that she uses with her two giant labs: Pumpkin and Greek Yogurt! She gave us this very simple, straightforward recipe, and it has worked wonders. One or two of these treats in her crate at the first sign of tummy issues, and she’s completely fine within a few hours.


The first time I made this recipe, I used normal ice cube trays, and let me just say how awful that was, and I do no recommend it. As we started to dwindle down on the treats remaining in the freezer, I started looking for easier ways to freeze these without that much cleanup, and I stumbled upon these silicone molds on Amazon. They’re the perfect size to make a buttload of treats easily, quickly, and relatively mess free, and of course the most important thing is, they’re so stinking cute! I made several batches last weekend following the below recipe, and once I was done, a quick rinse with soap and water cleaned the molds right up. Check it out to create your own delicious, healthy, dog treats!

Servings: About 100

1 - 29oz can 100% Pure Pumpkin (not pie filling)
1 - 32oz plain Greek Nonfat Yogurt (do not use flavored)


1) Mix pumpkin and Greek yogurt in a large mixing bowl.
2) Using a spoon, fill each mold with the mixture evenly, trying to ensure no air bubbles.
3) Then use a knife and gently slide across the top of the mold to even them out and remove any excess mixture back into the bowl.
4) Freeze for approximately 2-3 hours, and then remove gently into a plastic freezer bag or container.
5) Repeat until entire mixture is consumed, and let your puppers enjoy!

We generally feed Nymeria these one or two at a time, and she is about 80 pounds, so feel free to feed your unique dog more, or less, based on their size!