My Introduction to Skin-Care.

I’m a better person when I’m moisturized.


With this new lifestyle of mine, I’m also trying to get better at my make-up skills. I’m not terrible at make-up currently, but there’s definite room for improvement in most areas. I have a full set of brushes, some pretty high-end supplies, and I want to put them to use properly instead of wasting them and being unsatisfied. Before I even get to that, though, I need to make sure my skin is in tip-top shape. I’ve always had pretty clear skin with some minor blemishes around Shark Week, but I also have some redness in my cheeks, fairly large pores, and a couple red spots that annoy me. I can hide them pretty well with foundation since they’re hardly noticeable, but I’d like to stop covering and treat the source, if possible. I need to get better about cleaning my face as well since I recently got bangs (I regret everything), and the oils from them can cause breakouts if I’m not careful.


As it stands, this is what I’m starting to do in the morning:


  •        Cleanser

  •    Moisturizer with sunscreen

  •       Makeup


Then when my day is over, and I can take my face off, I’ll use:


  •     Make-up removing wipes

  •    Noxzema scrub pads (2x/week)

  •    Cleanser   

  • Face mask (2x/week)

  • Moisturizer


It’s very simple right now, and I’m just trying a bunch of cleansers to see what I end up liking or loving. I gathered inspiration by reviewing a bunch of skincare routines on Pinterest, and honestly, a lot of them are incredibly convoluted. I don’t have an hour every night to pamper my skin, so I’m looking for something that makes me feel good, makes my skin feel good, and is fairly quick. I’ll update with product reviews as I go on different cleansers, moisturizers, and other assorted facial products!