Organization Is My Middle Name!

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.

So, how am I keeping life organized while I’m working on my fitness and overall life? Well, I used to write everything down, and had tons of paper and notebooks! However, I was never really good at keeping up with all of that, and I tended to just accumulate new notebooks, and other supplies, that made me FEEL like I had my life together, while nothing had really changed at all. I have since moved on to the digital age and have a comprehensive collection of applications on my phone that let me input everything from my grocery list, to my study schedule, plus the excessive amount of reminders I need, ugh. Here is a tidy list of my core ones:



Alarmy – This is a super helpful app that was recommended to me by someone on Reddit. Basically it’s an alarm app, but you can change the type of alarm used. For example, my morning alarm goes off at 4.m. for me to get up and workout. I have this alarm type set as a barcode, so I scanned in the barcode for my pre-workout. This means that every time my alarm goes off, it will not shut off until I get up, go to the kitchen and scan my pre-workout. It’s helpful because at that point, I’m already out of bed, and my pre-workout is already in my hand, so I may as well make some!

Egenda - This app is designed for the student who wants to keep track of classwork, homework, and test dates. It allows you to set due dates and reminders easily, while also color-coding the different subjects. I use it currently for my independent studying which keeps me using my brain, and keeps me up-to-date regarding topics near and dear to me.


GTasks - This app is a task tracker that will also link your Gmail account, so you can view them from your phone, or even in your web browser when logged in. It allows you to input tasks, dates, and even little reminder alarms. I use it for daily, weekly, monthly tasks I need to be reminded of, such as when to give Nymeria her flea, tick, and heartworm medications or to give me a nudge that it’s time to clean out the fridge!

Habitbull - This is one that I’m still adjusting to using, but so far it’s definitely helpful in keeping on track with getting my routines down. I can remind myself to make sure I do my skincare routine, or mark off the days I actually complete my fitness goals. It’s pretty easy to use, so if you’re looking to build some habits, or even break some, this is an app to give a shot!


Kroger - A very self-explanatory app, this is primarily for my tracking of grocery shopping and potential grocery bill for the week. I plan my meals ahead of time since I prep for Andrew and me on a weekly basis, and this allows me to add items to a list, add coupons, and earn my rewards points towards gas.

My Finances – This is the PERFECT budgeting app, no joke! You can input every single expense you have, whether it’s a one-off or recurring. You can enter your income, and it will keep track of how much unspent money you’ll have for the month based on that versus the payments you set in place. It’s tremendously helpful in not forgetting to budget for Nymeria’s daycare every week, or keeping me on goal for grocery spending. Seriously, I love it!


MyFitnessPal – This is one that is probably more commonly known as it has millions of users already. It’s incredibly helpful for if you’re looking to lose, maintain, or gain weight. You can input exercises as well as calories burns, food intake, and water intake. If you’re ever feeling a lack of motivation, or want some comradery as you’re journeying, there’s also a message board!

My Goals – This nifty little app is for exactly what it sounds like. You can input any goals you have, and then create a little step-by-step plan of how you plan to achieve that goal. It lets you add an anticipated completion date, and keeps track of how far you are along using a percentage attached to each step. I don’t know about you, but I feel SO satisfied after checking off smaller steps!


Stocard – Tired of carrying around all those damn loyalty cards? Me, too. Add this little beauty, and you can put all your loyalty cards in one place on your phone that is easily accessible and can be scanned by basically any scanner. Simple.

Other than the above, I do have extra apps that I use for entertainment purposes that some might enjoy.

·         AllTrails – This one is great for hikers and casual trail walkers alike! It keeps track of your favorite trails, and it allows you to track you progress, leave reviews, and connect with other people who also love hiking.

·         Amazon Kindle – A nifty thing I discovered about this app is if you have e-books from other places on your phone, you can read them with the Kindle app. If you don’t have those, then feel free to download any of the thousands of free books they offer, as well as pay for some of those you’re interested in!

·         NASA – This app seems as bit self-explanatory! Read through the history of NASA, about all the fun things going on there, or be like me and program a reminder in your GTasks app for all the awesome meteor showers throughout the year (they have a list).

·         TED – This app is perfect if you’re a fan of TedTalks. You can easily access the ones you want to watch based on category, and you can save them for later if you’re not in a good spot to be able to listen to them immediately. The topics are so widely varied, there’s a little something for everyone!


I do have other apps on my phone as well, but mostly shopping apps (AdoreMe, ULTA), and entertainment (Stitcher, Reddit). Those are not nearly as constructive as I would like them to be, but they absolutely kill some time if that’s what I’m looking for, and they’re fun! I’ll try and keep this list updated as I tend to do some “app shopping” every so often to see if there’s something more user-friendly or exciting out there that I can utilize. Until then, this is how I keep the crazy organized!