[P90X] Week Two Workout and Meal Plans!

Hello all, and welcome to a new week. I had a fun and surprising long weekend off from work where I discovered I am apparently allergic to wasps. That was NOT a great experience, and I’m still waiting for this annoying itchy sting wound to heal. That did not stop me from getting in my workout this morning, although I am sad to say I slacked a little yesterday and Sunday. I did not go over on food, and DID lost the two pounds I was after last week, so I’m calling it a win and I’m back on the horse today! This week looks a little something like this:

Tuesday: Cardio X for 315 calories burned, plus another 244 on stationary bike at work. ✓
Wednesday: Core Synergistics.
Thursday: Shoulders, Arms, and Abs.
Friday: KenpoX
Saturday: Legs, Back, and Abs.
Sunday: KenpoX.

More of the same from last week and I’m excited. Woke up this morning, weighed in, and was more determined to move the progress along. To supplement my workouts, my meal plan is solid this week with lots of good, filling food:

Workout: Strawberry Amino Energy pre-workout, a post-workout chocolate peanut butter protein shake, and vitamins for 350 calories.
Breakfast: Turkey smoked sausage, peppers, and onion for 396 calories.
Snack: Pickles, cucumbers, green olives, sharp cheddar cheese, turkey pepperoni, and carrots for 422 calories.
Lunch: Ham and Swiss wraps with cucumbers and pickles for 334 calories.
Dinner: TBD by night, but Tuesday is definitely BBQ leftovers, and I’m dying for some pulled pork. One night will also be herb and garlic marinated chicken with Green Giant veggies on the side. Keep an eye on my Instagram for each night’s dinners!

Each of these days is going to be a bit calorie-heavy because I forgot to adjust for a 4-day work week and ended up making 5 days worth of meals. That’s okay, because with exercise, I’ll be sitting pretty and on track to lost yet another 2 pounds. Goals are planned out and ready to be achieved!