Fitness Goals Explained!

It takes time. Eat clean, do your cardio, lift heavy shit. You’ll get there.


My main focus on this section of my blog is to document my fitness journey. I don’t just want to lose 80 pounds or more, I want to get fit. I want to be able to hike for longer periods of time, I want to be able to run for more than two minutes without feeling like my chest is on fire, I want to be able to do a pull-up, and proper push-ups. There’s so much I want to physically be able to do, but I also want to overhaul my eating habits. I don’t want to worry about counting calories for the rest of my life, I want to be able to make intuitive eating decisions without having to weigh everything I eat. That will come with time and patience, and I’m ready to start now.

My main goals on this journey are below:


Losing Weight:

1)      Lose 5 pounds.

2)      Lose 10 pounds.

3)      Lose 20 pounds.

4)      Lose 30 pounds.

5)      Lose 40 pounds.

6)      Lose 50 pounds.

7)      Lose 60 pounds.

8)      Lose 70 pounds.

9)      Lose 80 pounds.

Exercise Regime:

1)      Complete Week One of P90X. ✓

2)      Complete Week Two of P90X.

3)      Complete Week Three of P90X.

4)      Complete Week Four of P90X.

5)      Complete Week Five of P90X.

6)      Complete Week Six of P90X.

7)      Complete Week Seven of P90X.

8)      Complete Week Eight of P90X.

9)      Complete Week Nine of P90X.

10)   Complete Week Ten of P90X.

11)   Complete Week Eleven of P90X.

12)   Complete Week Twelve of P90X.

13)   Complete Week Thirteen of P90X.


Meal Plan:

1)      Plan out Week One of meals. ✓

2)      Plan out Week Two of meals.

3)      Plan out Week Three of meals.

4)      Plan out Week Four of meals.

5)      Plan out Week Five of meals.

6)      Plan out Week Six of meals.

7)      Plan out Week Seven of meals.

8)      Plan out Week Eight of meals.

9)      Plan out Week Nine of meals.

10)   Plan out Week Ten of meals.

11)   Plan out Week Eleven of meals.

12)   Plan out Week Twelve of meals.

13)   Plan out Week Thirteen of meals.

Mini Goals:

1)      Hit 100% water goal daily.

2)      Hit 100% daily activity goal every day.

3)      Set activity goal in Polar watch.

4)      Weigh-in and log weight into MyFitnessPal.

5)      Set workout schedule in PassionPlanner weekly.

Now, this plan is really for the 13 weeks that I will take to complete P90X Lean Schedule, and I don’t expect to lose 80 pounds in that time, because that’s 6 pounds a week, and not healthy. However, I will be sticking to a 1,500 calorie goal per day, and to filling, but healthy meals. That should net me about 20 pounds, give or take by that point, which will be an amazing drop, and hopefully motivate me to push harder! I can handle this!