[Weekly.] Week 3 Fitness Plan - Do Over!

Be stronger than your strongest excuse.

I am back, y’all! Not that I actually went anywhere, but last week was kind of rough for me because I had to take a break from working out as heavily as I am used to now. I ended up injuring my knee on one of the stationary bikes at work due to having the seat incorrectly adjusted. Thought it would be a simple two-day rest or something, but I ended up being disappointed when I tried a few workouts and all of them seemed to just agitate it. Sucked it up and spent that time trying to at least keep my eating in focus if I wasn’t going to be burning many calories.

Finally, yesterday I was able to do some core workout and got back on the bike at work. No pain! That further enticed me today, and I put my abilities to the test this morning. I did my whole Core Synergistics P90X video, start to finish, PLUS about 15 minutes of my CardioX video. Hit my activity goal for the day (which was my real goal for this), and hit 73 minutes of exercise. I also figured out that I probably should have eaten a small something with my pre-workout, because I also ended up making myself ill at the end of the workout. Pre-workout and water only for a heavy session is not good. Duly noted.

Since I am back in the saddle, this week is going to be a do-over of last week. It was supposed to be week 3, but since the injury had me resting, this will be week 3. I’m getting ever closer to fully finishing this workout program, and it’s exciting. I may still have 10 weeks to go, but that’s seeming like it might actually become a reality this time around. The scale hasn’t moved, but I attribute that to this week being Shark Week. I have noticed I’m getting stronger, and my clothes are fitting better, so I think those are victories in and of themselves. All that being said, this is what this week is looking like:


·          3/18 – Core Synergistics/testing phase

·      3/19 – Core Synergistics – finished whole video!

·      3/20 – CardioX

·      3/21 – Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper X

·      3/22 – YogaX

·      3/23 – Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X

·      3/24 – Kenpo-X


Going to do exactly like I had planned last week and push hard on all my videos. I’ve done it before, I know I can do it again. Meal prep is going to follow along the same vein and be a copycat of last week for lunches since when we buy the groceries. It’s going to look a bit like this:


·      Pre/Post-Workout: Optimum Nutrition’s Strawberry Amino Energy, 12oz skim milk, and Body Fortress’ Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein. – 320 calories, 29C/5F/42P

·      Breakfast: Kodiak protein pancakes with butter syrup. – 302 calories, 54C/3F/15P

·      Snacks: Snack plates consisting of cheddar jack cheese, Old Wisconsin turkey stick bites, carrots, snap peas, and broccoli. – 224 calories, 10C/14F/18P

·      Lunch: Ham, chicken, pepperjack cheese, and jalapeno pinwheel wraps with pickles, and veggie chips. – 487 calories, 39C/28F/30P


As it stands, I’m looking at 1333 out of 1,560 for my calorie goals. Not too shabby, and I can definitely stick within this with some exercise and mindful eating at dinner. I have some other optional snacks of sugar-free cherry Jello, and chocolate pudding SnackPacks if I’m in the mood and need a little treat. We also picked up all our Girl Scout cookie orders, so those are in the house and so tempting. I’ll be doing my best to only eat a serving at a time and to make sure I log it accurately! Dinners are up in the air as always, but we have a general plan of Monday being leftover Guinness stew, Tuesday being turkey breast with veggies, Wednesday and Thursday being leftover turkey and veggies, and Friday being soup and grilled cheese. This weekend I’ll be making gumbo on Sunday, but Saturday will be a play it by ear type of deal. Ready for this week to be over!