[Weekly.] Week 3 Fitness Plan!

The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.


This is my first workout post despite me being on week 3 of my lean schedule with P90X, so I’m jumping right in! I’m super pumped for this week because, honestly, I’ve never really made it this far. I usually quit about the early-to-mid second week mark, then I get a random spurt of motivation and start up again at week one. I decided not to do that this time, and while I haven’t been perfect with my workouts, it’s the best they’ve ever been! It’s been incredibly motivating for me, because I’ve finally noticed my clothes are fitting a bit loosely, and I’ve been able to go harder, for longer on my workouts. I even completed the full CardioX  and KenpoX videos last week, which is insane because I’ve never done that before! I was beaming, and riding those highs all day, not going to lie.


This week’s workout is pretty much more of the same from last week since, and it’s an intense week. Next week is recovery week with mostly stretching, so I’m going hard this week. Schedule looks like this:


  •     3/11 – Core Synergistics/biking – skipped for stretching

  • 3/12 – CardioX/biking - none today due to knee injury

  • 3/13 – Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X/biking - none today due to knee injury

  • 3/14 - YogaX

  • 3/15 – Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

  • 3/16 - KenpoX

  • 3/17 – X-Stretch


Going to be some pretty decent calorie burns, and I’m definitely going to try and push harder on all my videos. I’m shooting for 300+ on the strength training days, and 500+ on the cardio/biking days. Only way to reach new goals is to push past your old ones, right? I’ve got my sheets ready to record this week’s progress, and I’m pretty happy about being able to finally do my Legs and Back video properly since I got some better resistance bands. A lot of pull-ups are required in that video, and let’s face it, I cannot do those at all! Plus with the single yellow band I had (5lbs resistance), there was no way to make any progress. So, I recently bought the MPOW 150lbs Resistance Band set, and I’m ready to go see what I’m capable of! In addition to these workouts, I will also be using the stationary bike at my work for extra calorie burns. I won’t bike every day, because my legs cannot handle that much abuse yet, but 3 days will have my lunch break dedicated to that. Seems like a solid plan to me, and I’m ready to kill it!


Happiness is a fully meal-prepped fridge.


Along with this week’s exercise is this week’s meal prep, which is looking so good! I’ve prepped my breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for the week, while leaving room for dinners which will be determined nightly by the boyfriend and I, so they will vary greatly. This week’s breakdown looks a little something like this:


  • Pre/Post-Workout: Optimum Nutrition’s Strawberry Amino Energy, 12oz skim milk, and Body Fortress’ Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein. – 320 calories, 29C/5F/42P

  • Breakfast: Smoked turkey kielbasa bowls with yellow onion, and green and red bell peppers. – 329 calories, 24C/17F/27P

  • Snacks: Snack bowls consisting of mozzarella string cheese, turkey pepperoni, cucumbers, pickles, carrots and tomatoes. – 265 calories, 13C/13F/22P

  • Lunch: Ham, chicken, and jalapeno pinwheel wraps with pickles, and veggie chips. – 487 calories, 39C/28F/30P



That comes to a daily total of 1,401 calories, out of my 1,560/day allotment. Dinners will be fairly light for me since this is already a lot of food intake. With my exercises, I’ll have a lot more play room, so I’ll definitely have to keep up with those! On this track, I should lose about 1.5 pounds this week, and I’ll be sure to update my weekly weigh-in posts that include my MyFitnessPal analyses, that are coming soon. Accountability is how I’m going to accomplish this, and I know I’m more than capable!